LIFE Let's Get Active With Lululemon
/ NOVEMBER 16, 2020
A store built on athleisure dreams, Lululemon devoted to create every premium products to enhance your performance for your exercise routine. With great quality and well-design, they receive many fans all around the world. The products are designed to suit every movement with ease and to catch people's eyes with its fashionable, popular and at the same time multifunctional characteristics. Lululemon provides a wide range of diverse colors that suits everyone's choice. Shop Lululemon and get your wonderful activewear!
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LIFE Amp Up Your Skincare Regimen With HSN
/ SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
Ever shopped at HSN? If not, you're totally missing out! HSN, formerly known as Home Shopping Network, is a TV shopping network that's famous for offering a wide variety of high-quality products to its viewers. Aside from tuning in to your TV, now you can also watch their live Youtube stream or visit their website at to see what products they're offering. HSN adds hundreds of new, interesting products daily, so you definitely would want to check their catalog regularly.
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HEALTH Ways to Remove Sebaceous Filaments and Keep Your Skin Smooth
/ JUNE 28, 2020
In your lifetime, it is very likely that you have encountered blackheads on your skin. They can appear anywhere in the body, but are mostly concentrated on the face. Embedded blackheads under the skin are called sebaceous filaments, which refer to the substances that collect around the hair follicle. They are formed when sebum and dead cells of the skin accumulate around the hair follicles, causing blockage of pores in the skin.
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HEALTH The Best Ways to Cure and Prevent Corns
/ JUNE 24, 2020
Corns are hardened layers of skin that develop due to pressure and friction response. These can be really frustrating! Calluses may look similar, but they are usually not painful while having a larger area compared to corns. The common question is... how to get rid of corns? The first thing to do before applying natural or professional remedies is to identify the cause and actually get a diagnosis for corns.
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TRAVEL 12 Best Beach Vacations for You
/ JUNE 27, 2020
Summer break is approaching; do you have a vacation plan? If not, plan for a beach vacation. Below are several of the best beach vacation options you can take. Go there, and you will make your free time worth remembering.
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TRAVEL China's Great Wall in Length and More
/ JUNE 27, 2020
Do you know the total length of the Great Wall in China? You might be surprised to learn that it is 13,170 miles long. It's not a single wall, but actually a series of multiple walls, trenches, towers, and fortifications that spread along the northern portion in China. The Great Wall in China is made up of a combination of materials, such as stones, bricks, wood, chalk, lime, and gravel. It was constructed to protect China from foreign invaders. Apart from protecting the country during different wars, the wall also plays a role in controlling immigration and emigration. Over time, the gigantic length of the wall has also earned it various informal names. In many poems and literary works, the Great Wall in China has been called 'The Earth Dragon.'
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SAVING Show Stage for PrettyLittleThing
/ JULY 7, 2020
The UK fashion brand PrettyLittleThing has taken the retail world by storm since its inception in 2012. The Boohoo-owned outfit trades at a price its target consumers love, with a sense of in-your-face fashion many other brands are struggling to keep pace with. Young people know exactly what they want these days, and they're not as readily swayed by high-end ad campaigns as they are by influencers, their friends, and options to return or bin what they don't like. That's not to say there's not quality and style at PLT, and with buy now/pay later options in interest-free installments via Clear Pay or Klarna, come on and get this summer hotter!
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SAVING The Best Savings Accounts to Grow Your Money
/ JUNE 6, 2020
Everybody says that the best way to accumulate wealth is to save the money that you don't spend. But how do you save? Do you stash your money under the mattress, or buy a safe and arrange stacks of dollar bills like in the movies? What will you do?
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